Approval workflow


Covered in this doc

  • Different kinds of snapshot approvals in Percy
  • How auto-approved branches work
  • How approval carryforward works

Percy's approval workflow is an important part of the visual review process.

Types of approvals

Within Percy, you can either "Approve All" snapshots in an entire build, approve groups of matching visual changes or approve individual snapshots. Keep in mind that you can only approve snapshots, not individual screenshots.

Once all snapshots in a build are approved, the whole build will be approved. If you have a source code integration installed, only marking a complete build as approved will mark your Percy check as "passed."

If a snapshot is not ready to be approved, you can request changes; taking this action will also update the build status to “Changes requested.”

Auto-approved branches

This project setting allows teams to filter and auto-approve specific branches via regex.


The "auto-approve branches" field in project settings

Branches that meet the specified filter(s) don’t require manual approval and will always be ‘green,’ reducing false positives and saving your team time.

By default, commits on master are marked as auto-approved.

Approval carryforward

Previously approved snapshots will stay approved from one build to the next for the life of the branch. In other words, snapshots are "carried forward" so identical snapshots will only have to be approved once per branch. Read more about our base build selection logic.