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Integrating Percy with your AppVeyor environment
Configure Percy environment variables in AppVeyor

Configuring environment variables

Add PERCY_TOKEN to your project settings

Start by configuring PERCY_TOKEN, our project-specific, write-only API token. It can be found in your Percy project settings and set in your AppVeyor project settings. Remember to click the padlock to encrypt the variable.

AppVeyor environment variable settings screen

After your project's PERCY_TOKEN has been set in your AppVeyor projects settings (like shown above), you should be ready to run your Percy tests you have set up in AppVeyor!


Keep your Percy token secret

Anyone with access to your token can add builds to your project, though they cannot read data.

Alternative .appveyor.yml setup

A slightly more complicated way to set secret environment variables in AppVeyor is to encrypt them and store them in your appveyor.yml. See the AppVeyor environment variable docs docs for more info.

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