Bitbucket Cloud


Covered in this doc

  • Installing Percy’s Bitbucket Cloud integration
  • Linking Percy projects with Bitbucket repositories

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The Percy Bitbucket integration makes it easier to sync visual reviews with code reviews. Once installed, Percy will be able to automatically pull in metadata from pull requests to builds, and post status updates to Bitbucket Cloud repositories. This integration also helps us provide more relevant snapshot comparisons through smarter base build selection.

Step 1: Install the Percy Bitbucket integration

Navigate to your Organization Settings > Integrations. Click “Install” to add Bitbucket.
When you click “Install Bitbucket Cloud App” you’ll be directed to Bitbucket for authentication.


Granting Percy access to your Bitbucket account will allow you to link projects to any repository you have admin access to in Bitbucket.


Step 2: Link Percy projects and Bitbucket repositories

Once you’ve granted access, you’ll need to link your Percy projects to your Bitbucket repositories.


Percy projects can also be linked to Bitbucket repositories from the Project's settings page, in the "Link a repository" section.

Step 3: Run and review builds

Once you've added the app and linked projects with repositories, subsequent Percy builds will show metadata from Bitbucket, and the Percy status will be shown on Bitbucket pull requests.


Clicking the Percy status in Bitbucket will take you to the Percy build UI, showing all visual diffs to be reviewed. Approving a build in Percy sets the Percy status in Bitbucket to successful, so that your team can see that visual changes were reviewed and approved.

Step 4: Troubleshooting

If you find your integration is not working as expected, check the integration logs on the Bitbucket integration page. These can be found by selecting "Edit settings" under Organization Settings > Integrations.
The logs table will show you all the communication Percy has recently had with Bitbucket. If there is not a recent log line, you can click the "Run health check" button to create a new log from Bitbucket.


What's next

Learn about our additional workflow features like snapshot carryforward, auto-approved branches, baseline picking, and more.