Browsers specific handling


Covered in this doc

  • How to handle URL proxy in safari
  • Browsers & web page height in pixels

Localhost proxy support on Safari

Percy currently does not support localhost proxying on Safari browser. If you have any resource link in your DOM snapshot that looks like localhost:<port>/resource, even though it is captured via SDK, it does not load on Safari browser. Safari browser does not forward localhost domain to proxy and tries to resolve it directly.

The workaround for this would be to use anything other than localhost as domain name.
Some of the suggestions are listed below:

  • Use relative path for resources in html
  • Use a public DNS entry that resolves to (Example: or or you can create one on your own)
  • Use a hosts file entry for a custom domain that resolves to (Example: add etc )

Browsers & max web page height

Percy provides visual testing across major browser categories. While it captures stable screens across browsers large enough to handle most of the cases, you may find certain edge cases where either the Browsers or Percy have certain limitations to be aware of.

Browser NameMax web page height (Pixels)
Safari on iPhone50,000
Chrome on Android50,000