Changes requested workflow


Covered in this doc

  • Requesting changes on snapshots
  • Changes requested build status
  • Changes requested carryforward

In addition to approving snapshots with visual changes, you can also “request changes.” Keep in mind that you can only request changes on snapshots, not individual screenshots.


When a user requests changes on a snapshot, a time-stamped comment is also automatically created on behalf of the reviewer.


We recommend @mentioning your teammate in a "Changes requested" snapshot comment to notify them directly that attention is needed. Learn more about how comments and notifications work.

Once a snapshot or snapshot group is marked as "Changes requested," a pop-up dialog will appear when approvals are attempted.


You can continue with the approval by clicking “Continue” or by approving the affected snapshot(s) first.

Changes requested build status

Although you cannot request changes on an entire build, if a snapshot within a build is marked as "Changes requested," the build status will also be updated to “Changes requested.”


Builds can go from “Changes requested” to “Approved” by overriding and approving all snapshots in the build. Builds can go from “Changes requested” back to “Unreviewed” if the “changes requested” snapshots get approved, but there are additional “Unreviewed” snapshots.

Learn more about how this affects commit statuses and Slack notifications.

Changes requested carryforward

Snapshots previously marked as “Changes requested” will be carried forward into subsequent builds as long as the exact diff persists. Because changes requested snapshots are carried forward, build statuses can now be “Changes requested” immediately after they’ve finished processing.

Snapshots will be reverted to “Unreviewed” as soon as the diff changes (i.e., a fix was introduced or the visual change was undone).