Covered in this doc

  • List of supported CI services
  • Overview of how our CI integrations work

Percy works best when integrated into your CI workflow, running continuously alongside your test suite. We integrate with all common CI providers and can be configured for custom environments.

Supported CI integrations

Read the documentation for your CI service to get step-by-step instructions:

Don't see your CI service? We're constantly adding support for CI services. Reach out to support to see if yours is on the way.

How it works

Percy is designed to integrate with your tests and CI environment to run continuous visual reviews. Once you've added Percy to your tests and your CI environment, Percy will start receiving and rendering screenshots every time a CI build runs.

Configure CI environment variables

To enable Percy, the environment variable, PERCY_TOKEN, must be configured in your CI service. This is our write-only API token unique for each Percy project and should be kept secret.

You can find PERCY_TOKEN in your project settings.


Parallel test suites

Percy automatically supports most parallelized test environments. Snapshots are pushed from your tests to Percy and rendered for you to review grouped in the same Percy build, no matter if your tests are run in different processes or even on different machines. You can also simply configure Percy to support complex parallelization setups.

What's next

Learn more about configuring CI environment variables and Percy's parallelization capabilities.