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Installing Percy's Ember addon
Add Percy snapshots to your Ember app for visual testing
Configure your snapshots and test set up to meet your needs

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If you're not ready to integrate Percy, check out our 2-minute Ember tutorial and example app with Percy already added.

Requires Node >= 8.2.0. Requires ember-cli >= 1.13.13, preferably >= 2.4.0.

  1. ember install ember-percy
  2. Import percySnapshot in a test file: import { percySnapshot } from 'ember-percy';
  3. Use percySnapshot: await percySnapshot('Home page');
percySnapshot(name, options);

options is an optional hash that can include:

  • scope: A CSS selector or element to snapshot. Defaults to the full page.


await percySnapshot('homepage');
await percySnapshot('homepage', { scope: '#header' });


Autogenerated name for Mocha tests

You can pass this.test to autogenerate the snapshot name, for example:

await percySnapshot(this.test);

This will automatically name the snapshot from the test title, like "Acceptance: Marketing pages can visit /about".

Autogenerated name for QUnit tests

You can pass the assert object to autogenerate the snapshot name, for example:

await percySnapshot(assert);

This will automatically name the snapshot from the test title, like "Acceptance | Marketing pages | can visit /about".

Acceptance test example

import { percySnapshot } from 'ember-percy';
import { click, visit } from '@ember/test-helpers';

describe('Acceptance: Marketing pages', function() {
  it('can visit /about', async function() {
    await visit('/about');
    await percySnapshot('about page');

    await click('#person1');
    await percySnapshot('about page (person details)');

Component integration test example

import { percySnapshot } from 'ember-percy';

  'Integration: MeterBarComponent',
    integration: true
  function() {
    it('renders', async function() {
      this.set('count', 0);
      this.render(hbs`{{meter-bar count=count total=100}}`);
      await percySnapshot('meter bar zero');

      this.set('count', 50);
      await percySnapshot('meter bar half');

      this.set('count', 100);
      await percySnapshot('meter bar full');

Responsive snapshot configuration

You can use Percy's responsive visual testing to test at different breakpoint widths.

In your app's config/environment.js:

if (environment === 'test') {
  // ...
  ENV.percy = {
    breakpointsConfig: {
      mobile: 375,
      tablet: 768,
      desktop: 1280
    defaultBreakpoints: ['mobile', 'desktop']

With the above configuration, all snapshots will render at both the mobile and desktop breakpoints by default.

You can override this on a per-snapshot basis by passing the breakpoints option to percySnapshot(). For example:

// Desktop-only snapshot:
percySnapshot('meter bar full', {breakpoints: ['desktop']});


Separate build and test steps

If you're running your ember tests with the --path flag to test an app pre-built with ember build -o, you may need to modify your commands to ensure the test environment is setup correctly.

In your ember build command, use the --environment=test flag:

ember build --environment=test -o dist

Run your ember test command with the EMBER_ENV variable set to test:

EMBER_ENV=test ember test --path=dist

Ember Exam

If you use Ember Exam (ember-exam) your Percy setup may require adjustments. Be sure to read through how to setup Parallel test suites with Percy.


  • Missing fonts in Percy? Make sure that your tests/index.html mirrors your main index.html file. You should include any fonts or external stylesheets in both places.

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What's next

Once you've installed Percy for Ember and added snapshots to your tests, the next step is to add Percy to your CI service.

CI service overview


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