GitHub Enterprise Server

Percy’s GitHub Enterprise Server integration enables you to run visual reviews alongside code reviews. It also facilitates a two-way sync between your Percy builds and your pull requests, making it easy for your team to review visual diffs. Learn more about how our source code integrations work.


GitHub Enterprise Cloud

If your GitHub Enterprise account is hosted on, you can use our regular GitHub integration.

Integrating Percy with self-hosted GitHub Enterprise

If you self-host your GitHub Enterprise installation, you will benefit from our GitHub Enterprise Server integration that's available to Percy Enterprise customers. To learn more, reach out to our sales team.


  • Read and write access to commit statuses

  • Read access to content

  • Read access to metadata

    • Documentation: Webhook events and payloads - GitHub Docs

    • Usage: Sends Percy a webhook when an app is uninstalled from a user account.

    • Required: No, but recommended

    • Notes

      • Apps can be uninstalled when a user account is deleted (not deactivated) if they're the owner of the app. To prevent this scenario, transfer the app before deletion.

      • Apps belonging to deactivated user accounts don't get uninstalled but can't be modified by any other user account. Because of this, it's also better to transfer the app before deactivation to ensure an activated user account remains in control.

      • Long-time clients of Percy may not have this enabled. The GitHub REST API doesn't provide an endpoint for Percy to enable this for existing apps. If this applies to you, please consider asking the owner to manually enable it to ensure Percy remains synced with your GitHub Enterprise Server. Here are the steps the owner can take to apply this permission.

        1. Go to /settings/apps
        2. Press the Edit button on the app
        3. Select Permissions & events in the sidebar menu
        4. Check the box for Meta under the Subscribe to events section near the bottom of the page
        5. Optionally fill out the "Add a note to users" section
        6. Press the "Save Changes" button