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Integrating Percy into your Harness CI environment

Configuring Environment Variables

Start by finding the write-onlyPERCY_TOKEN—the project-specific API token—for the Percy project you want to integrate into your Harness CI Build Pipeline. It can be found at the top of the Project settings section in your Percy project.


Keep your Percy token secret

Anyone with access to your token can add builds to your project, though they cannot read data.


Next, go to Project Setup > Secrets inside your Harness CI module for the project you want to integrate with Percy and click + New Secret: select the Text option.


Secrets Managers Vary

The following instructions will give you a step-by-step procedure to add the token using the Harness Built-in Secrets Manager. If you're using a different secrets manager with Harness, there could be some variation in the specifics of how you set and reference your PERCY_TOKEN value inside your Pipeline—for more information, go to Reference Existing Secret Manager Secrets


Adding the PERCY_TOKEN to Harness CI

Now you need to add the token as a secret so you can use it in your Build Pipeline.

Set the secret name as PERCY_TOKEN and add the write-only token in the Secret Value text box, then save.

If you're editing the pipeline as YAML, add the following two lines in the step where you're using Percy:

  PERCY_TOKEN: <+secrets.getValue("PERCY_TOKEN")>

Enter <+secrets.getValue("PERCY_TOKEN")> in the right box

Otherwise, click on the Run step where you want to use Percy and then click Optional Configuration to reveal the additional options.

In the Environment Variables section, click the + Add button and then enter PERCY_TOKEN in the left field and <+secrets.getValue("PERCY_TOKEN")> in the right.