Ignore regions

Sometimes you may have an area in a snapshot that you would like to not show up as a change, even though the images may be different. For example, this may be the case if you have a random date generator in a test. Each test run, the date would be different, but you would not want to be notified of the changes. In this case, you can use the ignored regions feature.

Adding regions

To enter "Ignored regions edit mode", click the ignored regions button above a snapshot.


You will then see an overlay on your snapshot with an editable box. Drag and resize the box to surround the region you would like to ignore. You can add new regions by clicking the "+" button at the top-right of the screen. Each region you draw will apply to the browser-width combination you're working on, so if you want a region to apply across all browsers, you'll need to draw a rectangle on the snapshot for each browser. You can have up to 10 regions per browser-width combination.

Saving and branch strategy selection

When you are done editing your regions, click "Save" at top-right. You can then choose which branch strategy you would like for your regions.

  • All branches - if this option is selected, the regions you have drawn will be applied to all branches in your project.
  • This branch only - if this option is selected, the regions you have drawn will be applied to builds with the current branch name. It will not be applied to builds on other branches.

The regions you have drawn show a yellow "yield" icon indicating they are not yet applied but will be applied to following builds (on the current branch or all branches depending on which branch strategy you have chosen).


Subsequent builds

When a build is run with ignored regions, any diffs behind the region will not be counted, and the ignored region will show as a grey rectangle.

Region information

To find out when an ignored region was created, who created it, or what the first build for it was, enter ignored region edit mode, and click the region. This will pop up a dialog and show you relevant information.


Deleting regions

To delete a region, on a snapshot with ignored regions, click the ignored region edit button. Then, click the region you would like to delete, and click the red trash icon to remove the region. This deletion will not apply to the current build, but will apply to all subsequent builds.