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Integrating Percy into your own CI provider

Configuring environment variables

In order for Percy to work correctly in your CI provider, there are a few environment variables you need to map from the CI env, to Percy's env. These are the required common environment variables:

  • PERCY_TOKEN - the token from your Percy project
  • PERCY_COMMIT - the full 40 char commit sha for this build
  • PERCY_BRANCH - the current git branch for this build
  • PERCY_PULL_REQUEST - if available, the current PR number associated to the build. This is required for our SCM integrations to work correctly.

Less common variables, but required if you're running parallel builds:

  • PERCY_PARALLEL_NONCE - A unique ID that groups parallel builds together. This ID must be different for each CI build, or you might see 409 errors. See Parallel test suites for more info
  • PERCY_PARALLEL_TOTAL - The number of parallel percy builds. See Parallel test suites for more info

You can see how we implement support for CI providers by looking at this file. Once these variables are mapped to the correct variables your CI provides, Percy should work as expected.

If you're having issues getting this setup, feel free to reach out to support