Public projects


Covered in this doc

  • Why public projects may be useful
  • How to enable public projects

Why make a project public?

Public projects give OSS creators and maintainers the ability to transparently run visual reviews while giving contributors insight into the visual impact of any given code change. Having this level of visual transparency gives contributors an opportunity to proactively review and make improvements to their contributions.

How to enable public projects

To allow public viewers on a project, navigate to your project settings and toggle “Allow public viewers” in the "Privacy" section.


When enabled, the project and its builds will be visible to anyone with the link—other public projects within that organization may also be viewable and navigable. Viewers who aren’t members of your organization will not have the ability to approve builds or snapshots but will be able to see build information and statuses.


Note: Enabling publicly viewable projects may allow builds within those projects to be indexed by search engines.