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SDK configuration

Covered in this doc

Global configuration options for responsive widths and minimum height

Percy SDKs can be configured by creating a .percy.yml configuration file in the root of your project. This yaml file allows you to globally set configuration for each build. The .percy.yml configuration file must exist in the directory where you run percy exec -- from.

Setting default responsive widths

A common use case is configuring all snapshots in a build to capture the same widths. You can do so with the following:

version: 1
  widths: [375, 1280, 1920]

All options

We currently support for the following configuration options:


  • widths: an array of numbers, in pixels, representing the widths you'd like to capture for each snapshot. Default: [375, 1280]
  • min-height: a number specifying the minimum height in pixels each snapshot should be. Default: 1024


  • base-url: If your static files will be hosted in a subdirectory, instead of the web server's root path, set that subdirectory with this flag. Default: /
  • snapshot-files: Glob or comma-seperated string of globs for matching the files and directories to snapshot. Default: **/*.html,**/*.htm
  • ignore-files: Glob or comma-seperated string of globs for matching the files and directories to ignore.
version: 1
  widths: [375, 1280]
  min-height: 1024
  base-url: /
  snapshot-files: '**/*.html,**/*.htm'
  ignore-files: ''

SDK configuration

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