Skipping the asset discovery browser download


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How to provide a Chromium executable path to @percy/cli


You are viewing docs for the new @percy/cli. Most SDKs have been updated to utilize the new CLI, so check the appropriate SDK doc for instructions for your specific SDK!

Percy's CLI (@percy/cli) downloads a very specific revision Chromium (that we have tested & trust) for asset discovery. A Chromium browser is required for asset discovery.

To skip the browser download, you can specify the executable path to your own version of Chromium using an environment variable, or in the SDKs discovery launch-options config.

Using an environment variable


$ export PERCY_BROWSER_EXECUTABLE="/path/to/chromium/executable"


$ set PERCY_BROWSER_EXECUTABLE="/path/to/chromium/executable"

# PowerShell 
$ $Env:PERCY_BROWSER_EXECUTABLE="/path/to/chromium/executable"

In your config

This option can also be set in a Percy config file instead:

version: 2
    executable: '/path/to/chromium/executable'

See the configuration docs for more info on the Percy config file (or run percy config --help)