Comments and notifications


What you’ll learn

  • How to add, reply to, and close comments
  • How “Requesting changes” in comments works
  • How email notifications get sent

Collaborate on visual reviews with snapshot comments and notifications.

Snapshot comments

When commenting on snapshots, keep these considerations in mind:

  • You can only comment on snapshots, not individual screenshots.
  • Any snapshot can have comments—with or without diffs, unreviewed or approved.
  • A comment is automatically generated when changes are requested on a snapshot.
  • Snapshots can have multiple comments and comment threads.
  • Once a comment is added to a snapshot, it will reappear on that snapshot in all future builds on the same branch until it is “Archived.”
  • Comments and replies only appear in current and future builds.
  • Comments must be manually “Archived.” Overriding the “Changes requested” dialog to approve a build will not automatically resolve the blocking comment(s).

Adding and replying to snapshots

To add a comment and start a comment thread, select the icon in the snapshot header.


Note: Selecting the snapshot icon in the header for matching diffs will expand the group and prompt you to comment on the first snapshot.

You can @mention users in your Percy organization and use emojis in comments.


Comments will show up next to snapshots by default, and snapshots with comments will be ordered before snapshots without comments.

Requesting changes

To block* snapshots or builds from being approved, you can request changes directly on a snapshot or group, or select “Request changes” when adding a new comment. When someone tries to approve a "Changes requested" snapshot or a build, a dialog will appear.


*You can always override the “Changes requested” dialog and approve the build regardless of pending "Changes requested."

Closing comments

You can “Archive” comments with or without changes requested. Archiving a comment on a "Changes requested" snapshot will not change the snapshot's status.

Comments and their replies will reappear in future builds until they are “Archived” and they will never be automatically closed. Overriding the “Changes requested” dialog to approve a build will not automatically resolve the blocking comment(s).


By default, email notifications are sent when:

  • Someone @mentions you in a comment
  • Someone adds a comment to a snapshot you have an open comment on

You can customize your notification preferences and change your email address in your profile settings.