Source code integrations


Covered in this doc

  • List of supported SCM integrations
  • Overview of how our SCM integrations work

Supported source code integrations

Don't see your integration listed? Check out our webhooks documentation, or send a note to support.

How it works

Percy integrates with your source control tool to run visual reviews alongside code reviews. It also facilitates a two-way sync between your Percy builds and your pull/merge requests and updating commit statuses to reflect the current state of your Percy builds.

Through this integration, Percy also automatically pulls rich metadata into each build including information regarding the compared branches, committers, commit messages, and more.

Notifications and status updates

By integrating with your SCM and linking a repository to a Percy project, your commits and pull/merge requests will automatically be correlated with Percy builds.

Percy updates your commit status when:

  • A build is processing
  • A build fails due to missing resources, rendering timeout, or if no snapshots were uploaded
  • Visual changes are detected and ready for review
  • A build finishes processing and has been auto-approved
  • All build is approved
  • Changes have been requested within a build
  • Previously requested changes have been carried forward to a build

Clicking “Details” will take you to review the build in Percy.

By default, Percy approvals aren’t required before merging, but you can enable this feature once you’re ready for it.

What's next

Learn more about how Percy works with more complex workflows, maintaining base build selections and more.