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Static sites


Covered in this doc

How to integrate Percy for visual testing static sites

Percy makes it very simple to integrate visual testing for static websites, no matter what tools were used to generate it. Any static site generator can be used in combination with Percy visual testing and reviews.

Note: If you're not ready to integrate Percy into your static site, we recommend checking out our 2-minute example app tutorials.

How it works

Our command-line client is currently the best option for integrating Percy snapshots for static sites.

Step 1: Install the Percy command-line client
Step 2: Generate snapshots with a single command
Step 3: Run tests locally or with CI

This can be especially useful for static sites generated by Jekyll (ie. for GitHub Pages), GrowMiddleman, or other static site generators.

Don't see your static site generator listed? We also have support for web application frameworks, component libraries, end-to-end testing frameworks, and the ability to build your own SDK.

Note: Stay tuned for additional support for static site generators!

Updated 2 years ago

What's next

Percy is designed to integrate with your tests and CI environment, but you can also run Percy locally and may find it helpful to do so while you’re first getting started.

CI setup
Running locally

Static sites

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