App Percy SDK

Percy integrates easily with end-to-end tests with our SDK, adding an additional layer on top of those tests to ensure that everything always looks visually as intended.

Note: If you're new to App Percy, we recommend checking our Run a Sample Build to get started.

How it works

At a high level, integrating Percy into your end-to-end testing framework is done in three steps.

Step 1: Install one of our SDKs into your test framework
Step 2: Add snapshots to your tests where you want visual coverage
Step 3: Configure and run visual snapshots as part of your workflow

End-to-end testing SDKs

Our SDK documentation will walk you through setting up and configuring the SDK for your testing framework.

If you're still not sure where to start, feel free to reach out to support.

What's next

Percy is designed to integrate with your tests and CI environment, but you can also run Percy locally and may find it helpful to do so while you’re first getting started.