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Skipping Chromium download


Covered in this doc

How to skip downloading Puppeteer and provide a path to an existing Chrome browser
How to provide a Chromium executable path to @percy/cli


If you would like to skip downloading the Chromium browser Puppeteer downloads, you will need to set two environment variables:

  • PUPPETEER_EXECUTABLE_PATH - Set this to the path of the Chrome browser on your system / CI image.

Setting both of these environment variables is required for this to work. We currently use Puppeteer for various tasks (depending on the command you're running), so it's essential you provide a path to a working Chrome browser.

Please review Puppeteer's environment docs for more information.


Percy's next generation tool chain (@percy/cli) downloads a very specific revision Chromium (that we have tested & trust) for asset discovery. If you would like to use your own version of Chromium, you can specify the executable path in the SDKs discovery launch-options config. If this option is provided, the CLI will automatically skip downloading the Chrome browser.

version: 2
    exectuable: '/path/to/chromium/exectuable'

See the SDK configuration options docs for more info on the Percy config file (or run percy config --help)

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Skipping Chromium download

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